What’s New in Python 3.12?

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In this quick and easy guide, I’ll give you a simplified overview of what’s new in Python 3.12. The official docs only provide a version full of technical clutter and, therefore, are hard to understand.

To check your Python version, simply run this in your command line or shell:

python -V
# Output: Python 3.12.XX

These are the top 10 new features in Python 3.12: πŸ‘‡

  1. New Ways to Write Code: Python 3.12 lets you use new styles and shortcuts when writing code, making it easier and more powerful. An example is the new type statement.
  2. Fancier Text Formatting in Code: You could already use a cool feature called “f-strings“. However, the new version of f-strings is much more powerful, for example, you can now use nested f-strings to mix text and code together more easily.
  3. Better and Faster Python: The way Python works behind the scenes has been improved. It’s now faster and can handle tasks more smoothly.
  4. Improvements for Handling Data and Files: Python can now work with data and files more efficiently, especially if you’re using Windows.
  5. Safer and More Secure: Python 3.12 uses better methods to keep your data safe, especially when it’s doing things like encrypting information.
  6. Better Tools for Developers: If you’re creating more complex Python programs, there are new tools and features that make this easier and more effective.
  7. Faster Operations: Certain commands and operations in Python now run much faster, making your programs more efficient.
  8. Removal of Outdated Features: Some older parts of Python that were not used much have been removed to make Python lighter and more focused.
  9. Easier Typing in Code: New features have been added to make it simpler to define and understand different types of data in your code.
  10. Cleaning Up Old Code: Python has removed some outdated code and features to keep things simple and efficient.

This version of Python is like a new and improved version of the language, making it easier, faster, and safer to use for coding projects. You might want to check out the official Python website for more details, but these are the key points you should know!