What’s the Hourly Rate of a Python Freelancer?


How much can you expect to earn as a Python freelancer?

The average Python developer worldwide earns $56 per hour (fluctuations between $51 and $61). This statistic is based on five credible online sources including the US government. In the US, the average Python developer earns $60 per hour or more. Based on a conservative estimation, your yearly income as a Python freelancer will be $134,400 assuming a normal workday. 

This data is based on various sources:
  • Codementor argues that the average freelancer earns between $61 and $80 in 2019: source
  • This Subreddit gives a few insights about what some random freelancers earn per hour (it's usually more than $30 per hour): source
  • Ziprecruiter finds that the average Python freelancer earns $52 per hour in the US. This is equivalent to $8,980 per month or $107,000 per year: source
  • Payscale is more pessimistic and estimates the average hourly rate around $29 per hour: source
  • As a Python developer, you can expect to earn between $10 and $80 per hour with an average salary of $51 (source).

I know the variation of the earning potential is high but so is the quality of the Python freelancers in the wild. Take the average salary as a starting point and add +/- 50% to account for your individual expertise.

If you work on the side, let’s make it 8 hours each Saturday, you will earn $400 extra per week – or $1600 per month (before taxes). Your hourly rate will be a bit lower because you have to invest time finding freelancing clients – up to 20% of your total time. (source)

Here's the data from the Codementor platform based on more than 12,000 developers:

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