Where to Host Your Flask App?

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I recently finished the educational Python web app Pythonchecker.com for Python code analysis:

Before starting the app, I wondered: what’s the fastest way to set up a Python-based web application?

My previous Django-based application was self-hosted on a bare metal machine. This was highly complex, error-prone, and tedious. I had to learn Apache web server configuration, Django and Django configurations, shell scripting, encryption, databases, and so on. While it’s worthwhile to learn those technologies, it’s also a slow process. It can take months for a senior software engineer to prototype the first version of the app.

So this configuration is NOT rapid prototyping of Python apps:

  • Django app
  • Virtual machine
  • Git & shell scripting
  • Apache web server with ModWSGI
  • MySQL database server

I understand that this is a very scalable setting (it’s good enough to scale to huge applications such as Reddit).

How to Rapid Prototype Python Apps?

When searching for the holy grail of rapid prototyping, I found this configuration:

That’s it! With this configuration, I managed to write the first prototype of the Pythonchecker within a single day! I’m not an affiliate of Pythonanyhwere but I really love their service. Setting up a running Flask application is super simple:

Create an account:

Your Dashboard:

Now, you can simply create new web apps with Flask. It’s really simple and works like a charm!

Where to go from here?

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