Why does Python Look Great on Your Resume?

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Nothing to add—let’s get started! ?

Python is the fastest-growing major programming language.

StackOverflow 2019 developer survey shows that Python is not only faster growing than C++, Java, JavaScript, and any other major programming language, it also comes with a happier community that loves the language most.

Python is great for machine learning.

Python comes with hot and powerful machine learning libraries such as TensorFlowScikit-learn, and PyTorch. TensorFlow is a Google project released as an open-source project—with thousands of enthusiastic contributors. I’ve not seen a single project in the machine learning space that has received similar attention these days.

Python is great for data science and scientific data visualization. 

NumPyPandasMatplotlib—these libraries are built for fast and easy data science proficiency. If you want to become a data scientist, your language of choice must be Python. Our “Coffee Break NumPy” book is one of the fastest ways of mastering the basics of data science: the NumPy library. Employers want to see that you’re able to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data!

Python is fast to write.

This is only based on my intuition. But when writing other programming languages such as Java, C++, or C#, I was much slower to accomplish the same thing. I am currently writing a new Python book called “Python One-Liners” which proves that you can get a lot of things done with only a few symbols! This makes it the more profitable language for employers, even if the code itself may be a bit slow (if you’re interested, read the article “What can’t you do with Python” on this blog).

Python is cool.

Nothing to add there.

Python is great for rapid prototyping.

With Python, you can quickly create new web applications with Flask and Django. Testing new ideas is incredibly simple—and employers know that rapid prototyping is the way to go in the era of scrum and agile development.

Because Python is a programming language.

Today, any programming language looks great on your resume (just because of the high demand and low supply).


If you know Python, your potential employer sees that you’re capable of learning and mastering new and emerging trends. Employers are always a bit fearful of missing out on the latest trends and becoming disrupted by new technologies. And who is immune to getting disrupted by machine learning these days? If you know your Python basics well, you’ve got a bright future in front of you!

Learn the basics and join my free Python “Coffee Break Python” email series. You’ll get free cheat sheets, too. ?

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