Why Most Programming Blogs Fail

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Writing a tech blog about your dream programming language — Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Go, or even Erlang — is a fun way of boosting your own skill level, gain reputation in your field, and share your knowledge with the world.

But it’s also an ungrateful job. If you are like most people, your experience will look similar to this one:

  • You write your first article spending hours tweaking the design and setting up everything — and nothing happens…
  • You write your second article — and nothing happens…
  • You grind your way to write a third, fourth, and fifth article. In total, you’ve spent 20 hours — but still nothing happens. Not even negative feedback.
  • You share your posts on Facebook. 50 people see your shared article, 2 people click on the link. Otherwise, nothing happens. Your Google Analytics:

“Blogging is dead”, you proclaim after giving it a try for one or two months.

Well, not quite. Watch the video to learn more about the most important skill you have not proven, yet:

How to Succeed With Your Own Coding Blog

What you need is a whole new level of persistence.

You need to iterate dozens of time, you need to do keyword research and commit fully to your blogging adventure. You need to start learning search engine optimization (SEO), consuming tips and tricks about blogging, watch YouTube videos from successful bloggers, you need to get crazy about blogging and stay in the game for at least a year until your article start ranking for certain keywords.

If you’ve reached this level of commitment, you will create a successful blog for sure. Nothing can stop you now.

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