Why You Should Offer Your Services For Free as a New Freelance Developer?

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Why You Should Offer Your Services For Free as a New Freelance Developer?

I got this question recently regarding Python freelancing and I immediately thought that’s a brilliant idea. (Seriously.)

Why should this be a good idea considering that Python freelancers earn $51 per hour on average?

Because you can increase your Python skill level but you don’t have to polish your salesman skills from day one.

It’s a great way to increase your confidence as a Python freelancer. And confidence is a key skill to work successfully on the freelancer platforms.

Building this confidence is one of the most important things you can do to become a successful freelancer because your clients will sense whether you feel confident to be able to deliver a lot of value.

Without this, it’ll be hard to find jobs. But without jobs, you cannot build confidence. Many students remain stuck in this negative spiral and actually lose confidence over time.

A great way to break out is to offer your services for free. Anyways, your first few jobs are not for the money. They are for the experience, the testimonials, and the success rate statistics on platforms such as Upwork.

The problem is that you cannot offer your services for free on the Upwork platform. So what can you do?

An alternative is to contact people who rely on freelancers to grow their businesses. One great example is a programming blog such as this one.

Blog owners constantly need new articles—and many of them hire freelance writers (who are also skilled in programming) to create articles for them. Of course, you won’t get a paid job easily but you can contact any blog owner and offer your services for free. Just tell them that you are looking for testimonials and experience.

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