Your Bright Future: Embrace Change, Niche Down, and Chill 😎

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I recently wrote in one of my emails that you should seek to try out new and unconventional ways to approach life. The old ways will not work forever. Don’t take your parents’ advice (or even mine) because they would’ve told you the world market for computers is a couple of dozens, Bitcoin is stupid internet money (at $1/BTC), and solar energy cannot power the world.”

Lukas, one of the youngest Finxter subscribers I know (still in school), shared his thoughts:

πŸ‘¦πŸ’» My parents always want me off the screen and such, as they think that trade jobs are the way to go, at least they used to, until I proved them wrong about 5 years ago, after I showed them how quickly and what I learned the way things are, and coding.

Now, I didn’t mean to meddle in real-time parenting, which is tough enough without some rando from the internet telling kids to stop listening. But we all learn eventually that the limiting beliefs holding us back often stem from our parents’ and teachers’ advice.

If you’ve achieved great success, this might not surprise you. To break through your limits, you had to outgrow the limiting beliefs ingrained in you since childhood.

In today’s article, let’s talk about the future of work to clarify further some of my statements. I don’t have a crystal ball, sadly πŸ˜”, but some trends paint an intriguing picture.

Insight 1: Freelancing on the rise

People crave freedom, autonomy, and remote work.

Experts and devs want to offer their skills to multiple businesses, not just one.

Companies want flexibility and access to top talent.

The number of full-time and part-time freelancers has surged in recent years.

Insight 2: Niche down & laser focus

With powerful AI like ChatGPT, being average won’t cut it.

An average writer, coder, or designer is already outperformed by ChatGPT. No smart business would hire them.

Instead, be 10x better in a specific niche. It could be a tiny, say, the NetworkX library in Python. You can easily reach expertise in a tiny niche by devouring books and knowledge on that topic.

Excel in a few areas and forget the rest. Perform from your strengths.

Insight 3: Use ChatGPT, embrace change, keep learning

Reading the Finxter tech blog and newsletter means you’re already part of the programming elite, staying sharp and riding the wave of change.

The new Finxter motto is “be on the right side of change.”

Keep learning and your knowledge will compound, pushing you to the top (or keeping you there).

πŸ’‘ My rule of thumb: If you catch yourself ignoring a new technology because you feel threatened by it (e.g., not reading an email on ChatGPT because it makes you feel sad 😞 ), it’s a strong signal that you should explore it further.

Insight 4: Invest your capital

Imagine a world where robots do most of the work.

They’ll benefit everyone, but their owners will get a bigger slice, πŸ“ˆ as they provided the capital to build them.

Ownership matters. And it will matter even more in the future.

Insight 5: Chill

As productivity and automation increase, we’ll all work less.

Take time to recharge, build relationships, learn, care for your body, and play with new tech.

Rekindle the excitement and close friendships you had as a kid, because your strong network is your power base.

Putting It Together

In a nutshell, if you’re a freelance tech enthusiast and you focus on a razor-sharp niche, leverage AI and programming to create more value in less time, and reinvest your income in ownership (stocks or crypto, not bonds – no financial advice! πŸ˜‰), you’ll be more than fine:

Your future looks bright with plenty of free time, fun, financial security, and a robust support network. 🌞



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In tomorrow’s email, you’ll learn more about artificial general intelligence (AGI) and AI hallucinations. Stay tuned! πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

To your success! πŸš€

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