Your Python Code Sucks

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Does your code always follow the PEP standard?
Have you ever been criticized for not writing “Pythonic code”?

I know I have — especially when I was just starting out with Python a few years ago. This can be frustrating because criticism is not always constructive.

Destructive criticism kills any motivation there is left for you as a beginner (or intermediate) Python coder.

If you feel like your Python code needs some polishing from time to time, I may have the right tool for you:

* drum roll *

I just finished the first working prototype. You can copy and paste your own code into The tool then evaluates your Python style according to various rules in the Python standard.

After that, it assigns an easy-to-understand percentage score to your codebase (along with some tips to fix your styling problems).

Style Check Your Code Now with!

Because this is the first working prototype, I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

Happy style-checking!

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